God Works in Weird Ways.


How have you seen God this week? (A question I am asked on a weekly basis)

Hi friends, it’s been a while. I attempted to make this whole blog thing a daily encounter, well here I am a month later. Tonight I want to talk to you about God. If you don’t know Him, he is literally the coolest dad ever. He has everything planned out for each and every one of His children. It’s extremely hard to have faith in that plan. Sometimes it’s hard to believe he knows what’s best for us. But He does. Oh, He chuckles (mainly at me) because I think I have my entire future planned out. Everything goes smoothly and then BAM, my whole world turns upside down. But the awesome thing is, he does it for a reason. That friend of mine who is really really sick, has brought me closer to Him. I started going to a youth group type activity, called Young Life, in January. It has changed my life. I’m exploring my faith in a deeper way than just routinely going to church on Sundays. I’ve started noticing the way God is working around me.

Every week at Young Life, we have a bible study, called Campaigners. We are asked, “How did you see God this week?” When I first heard that, I sat there and began wondering what the heck I had gotten myself into. I’m not good at this whole “God” thing. At first I thought, “There is absolutely no way He’s working in my life.” So I sat there. And sat there, and sat there, wondering and waiting for God to start.

Little did I know, He already was. I just needed to open my eyes and look right in front of me.

I had no idea how He was going to reach me, but He sure did. My friend, Liz, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme. It’s a very serious brain tumor that brings several surgeries, and tough recoveries. Recently, she has not been doing well. She was moved to Hospice a few days ago, which has amplified my fear of losing her. But in that fear, I find hope and reliance in God. She is in no pain, and I thank God every single day for that. God is using her strength and love to find His children.

So how have I seen God this week?

Through my beautiful friend, Lizzy Grace. I got to see her last week, before she needed more intense care. That’s the moment I realized He was there. I was in the chapel of a church I had never heard of, with one hundred people I had never met. God used Liz to bring a gathering of people, all of whom shared different levels of experience in faith. People (including myself) who have been searching for answers as to where and how He was working, were right at His feet. Liz was my answer. Through her strenuous journey, I have grown closer to God; talking to Him on a daily basis, and reading the Bible, asking for his protection of her.  So, my friends, I encourage you to look for blessings in disguise.


Stop worrying about what’s hard in life, and start looking for how God is making you stronger.





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