Welcome to the 21st century. We have iPhones.

Finally, an LED screen with access to anyone’s life- even their breakfast!

Some find these tiny glass boxes of communication comparable to an extra limb, or in serious cases- a child. We love our phones more than we love our neighbors. People do not know what to do without them. We fidget and whine and complain in the absence of them. The circulation of social media keeps our hearts pumping. We are addicted.

Phones are merging into every single aspect of our lives. We are a social media-obsessed world. Every single thing we do must be shared with our cousin’s sister’s dog’s uncle’s grandpa’s best friend’s mother. Take a look at Snapchat. Selfies and food and concerts are among the most commonly snaps. Nothing relevant to the user comes from this app, unless you really care what that one girl in your math class had for lunch. But I still have it. Most people have it. And we all use it.

The pictures I send are often selfies with the ridiculous filters. I send them when I need a distraction.

We are setting no limits at what we’ll do to get to a 100 day streak of sending a 5 second picture to our not-so-close friend. What do we expect out of it? A congratulatory tweet? A trophy? I’ll tell you what will come of it.


I am amazed at the determination of my peers to maintain these streaks. They will go as far as handing over their accounts to a trusty old friend for weeks at a time. They are filling their void.

Snapchat and Instagram and Twitter and Facebook fail to highlight the features of our lives that are most important. We disguise our imperfect lives with intricate pictures and hilarious tweets.

We are filling an emptiness inside of our souls with screens that never seem to be enough. These screens, these apps- they don’t fill us. Do not let the holes in your heart be filled by a retweet.

Let God fill the emptiness inside of your soul.

^ That was a scary statement for any and all of my non-Christian readers. For those of you who do not follow God, listen to this: Try putting your phone down for a few minutes and getting to know someone new! And watch this video!

For my friends who are followers of Christ, here is a challenge for you: Let your soul overflow with the love of Jesus! Social media is fun, but it encourages the need for acceptance from others, when you already have it from Him. Fill emptiness with the love of Jesus! And watch this video!



The Election

Donald Trump was just elected President of the United States.

I am unable to comprehend this result. When I first heard this, I was at a complete loss for words. Personally, I am not a fan of Donald Trump. He is overwhelmingly vulgar and extremely insensitive. The comments he made during the election left me speechless.

For the Trump supporters still reading: 1. Thank you for having an open mind. 2. I am not here to completely bash Trump. I am not here to fully support Clinton. I am here to advocate for love.

Hate won this election.

Let’s face it. Donald Trump was able to manipulate the media into advertising for him at a value equivalent to approximately 3 billion dollars. How did he do this? His words. Every other week, there was a new claim, insulting an entire population of people.

Trump based his campaign on hating non-traditional things and Clinton based her campaign on hating Trump. Either result would’ve resulted in chaos. And all we can do is blame each other. And that’s all we’re doing.

Liberals are calling all Trump-supporters thoughtless racists. Conservatives are calling Clinton-supporters hypocrites.

I am a huge believer that good exists in everyone. This election proved that it is very hard to find good in some. People often throw around the words, “This world is so broken,” or “The people in this country are broken.” I have to disagree. I do not believe that anyone is broken. Rather, We are lost. This election pushed us into a mindset of hatred and lying and deceit. I am here for a simple reminder that love defeats all. It is hard for me to watch other Christians force our ideas upon other people. I am ashamed to associate myself with those who hate on the people of this world, God’s creation, and continue to call themselves “followers of Christ.” Christians continue to shame people for their sins. As I’ve heard many times at Young Life, God has a “bird’s eye view” of sin. The stack of sins you find much less convicting than your neighbors is equal in the eyes of God. We must notice that comparing ourselves to each other only encourages hate.

As C.S. Lewis once said “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

It is crucial, especially as Christians, that we love on others! Jesus wants us to love his people! Please continue to be kind and love others like you love Jesus!!!

Hate won this election. But love conquers all.